Tips for overcoming your anxiety

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 Good tips to overcome anxiety– are not always expensive or complicated!

I am often asked about what to do to prevent anxiety. When I am asked is I am often facing a person who has anxiety himself and who need help. Anxiety occurs in as many variations as there are people, and the causes of anxiety coming out of balance, and what it takes to get the anxiety back into balance, is as individual.

Good tips to overcome anxiety

Even though we are profoundly different and our stories and experiences are different there are things that I think affects virtually everyone who suffers from anxiety. This does not mean that the advices can stand alone, but they are helping to prevent anxiety and reduce anxiety and is something almost everyone can help themselves with.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the advice is to “facilitate” and for basic to it makes sense for the one who receives it. I give them because I know they have great power, and because it can give a hand right here and now, before I put myself into the person’s situation, reactions and responses.

Prerequisites for a person with the anxiety in balance

When I work with my own anxiety, I have a huge palette to build on. Mainly because I have worked with myself for so many years I have accumulated an unusual insight and are able to put into words just about all thoughts, feelings and processes that are taking place in me. It gives me a good starting point to disclose where I am, what I need and where I am going. But sometimes it slips for me.  Almost every time, I can, once I get through – look back and resonate to that where it initially goes wrong again and again, are the same things I have forgotten and ignored.

Changes in life creates turbulence

I’ve been through a week in which I suffered quite a lot of sleep deprivation. It was because I had put more ships in the lake that I could overview to navigate them into port. Then I have taken some decisions which were taken out of a desire to be something other than I deep down and finally had to admit that I was on the wrong track and had to make a u-turn. A u-turn which meant saying NO to events, networking groups and at the same time say YES to other exciting initiatives and development paths which were more me.

Changes create anxiety for some

All this is quite normal and natural and something most people go through many times in their lives. Does it give other people anxiety or even anxiety attacks?

Hardly! Many will experience such time as stressful, maybe uncomfortable and then they will pull back, find themselves and get an overview and profits again. My backstop was missing. I just kept filling in the desire to discover, try and suck me. That is until one day I was standing amidst the crowd of friendly people (a workshop) and defeated a panic attack and supressed it for several hours while it lasted. Then I let the plug go.

Good advices are not always expensive

– And they are not very complicated. But that does not make them easier to follow. Try anyway. For what got me back on track again was the following: That I got my sleep, that I went some good walks, that I talked with good people about where I was, that I was honest with myself and others and threw the mask, I got healthy, hearty diet and dropped to punish myself with the extra kilos, that I experienced support and acceptance of the decisions that I made, that I reduced ambitions to my natural level, that I cut off events which only supported a wrong course I was coming out of, that I said yes to events where I could be myself that I allowed myself to relax, enjoy peace and rest. In other words:

  • Get your sleep
  • Do some good walks
  • Be open to people you feel comfortable with
  • Be honest
  • Eat Healthy
  • Accept your body and your appearance
  • Spend time with people who support you and make you comfortable
  • Prioritize your time to things and people that develops you and strengthen you- and cut everything else away
  • Give yourself permission to relax and rest



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