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Tips for overcoming your anxiety

Written by Lise Kryger. Posted in Anxiety, Blog

 Good tips to overcome anxiety– are not always expensive or complicated!

I am often asked about what to do to prevent anxiety. When I am asked is I am often facing a person who has anxiety himself and who need help. Anxiety occurs in as many variations as there are people, and the causes of anxiety coming out of balance, and what it takes to get the anxiety back into balance, is as individual.

Good tips to overcome anxiety

Even though we are profoundly different and our stories and experiences are different there are things that I think affects virtually everyone who suffers from anxiety. This does not mean that the advices can stand alone, but they are helping to prevent anxiety and reduce anxiety and is something almost everyone can help themselves with.

Sometimes I get the feeling that the advice is to “facilitate” and for basic to it makes sense for the one who receives it. I give them because I know they have great power, and because it can give a hand right here and now, before I put myself into the person’s situation, reactions and responses.

Telephone anxiety

Written by Lise Kryger. Posted in Anxiety, Blog

Would you go through snow and ice just to avoid having to call and make an appointment?  Is your telephonesessions ultra-short? Do you know that it is the fear of speaking in phones? And how it can be easier to talk on the phone?

What are the symptoms of anxiety of speaking on the phone?Telephone anxiety

  • Heart beat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweaty palms
  • Speech impediment
  • Shaky voice
  • Butterflies in the stomach
  • Thoughts that are constantly circling about ending the call
  • Avoiding phone calls

What causes the anxiety of speaking on the phone?

The reasons are individual but arises most often in a situation you have experienced as very unpleasant. Perhaps you have experienced being called by someone who has asked you a question you do not not feel comfortable saying no to because the person was waiting at the other end of the phone.

Perhaps you have experienced being put in a dilemma over the phone, and answered even though you had not found the answer yet. It may also be that the lack of body language and eye contact gives you an unresty feeling and easily come to misunderstand the person you are talking to. Or perhaps a form of performance anxiety occurs because you are “on” as soon as the receiver picks up the phone.

The reasons could be many – but there is always the opportunity to feel better about it if you have the will and practice.

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