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Audience Profile and Demographics

Voice of Anxiety is targeted toward people with anxiety, and others who are interested in knowing more about what anxiety is and how to cope living with anxiety. My goal is to get rid of the anxiety taboo. I want to create a platform where people can speak open minded about anxiety and reach out for those who think they are alone. The fact is, that we are thousands with anxiety, and there are so many tools to use, and send out the message that eventhough you have anxiety you can get a good life with quality.

The demographics reflect this: Visitors to tend to be both male and female, nearly all ages.

Dominant countries are the United States (28%) and the United Kingdom (23%) and Canada (6%)

Social Media Statistics

Twitter followers: 6.700+

Advertising Programs / PR Blog

Banner Advertising
Various sizes. Both in the sidebar and in the footer, and even in the header with at large banner. You can always write me, I am open to other possibilities.

Product testing
I can test your product. It could be products like courses,  recreation, spa & wellness, books, movies, smartphone apps and much more. I write about it and there will be two links included in the article.

Sponsored article
The article can be about different things, typical equipment, naturist accommodations or destinations. The contributions remain at least one year warranty online. Only matching contributions possible.

Press-/Blog trip
The advantage of this kind of advertisement is “real-time” marketing on my blog, various social media channels (Twitter, Facebook). My blog will of course contain much more detailed reports.


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