Anxiety Worksheets

Anxiety worksheets are created for you who wants to

  • strengthen your-selfesteem,
  • reduce anxiety,
  • let go of useless old habits,
  • cope constructively,
  • dare your triggers,
  • get more out of your life, and
  • raise your self from feeling victimized to feel brave and courageous again











During during the last 10 years, I have been practicing coping by using anxiety worksheets. I filled in schemas thousands of times – situation for situation, thought by thought. I discovered where my triggers are, and coped with them in new ways. I therefore made my own worksheets so that it would be easy for me to print them when ever I needed them. These printable worksheets have been great help to me, because I always depend on the worksheets that I had to get from the cognitive psychologist who was counselling me.

I have used, and still use, anxiety worksheets. I use them because they help me instantly reduce my level of anxiety, – and get in touch with my true feelings. One day I experienced anxiety felt very pressed emotionally. It scared me tremendously, and inside my head, I imagined how, when, where, and with whom I would experience that terrible feeling of anxiety again. I did that because I did not know why I felt anxiety in the first place and because my brain (amygdala) tried to prepare me for new “danger”.

angst skemaerControlled by emotions

Before my thinking was directed influenced by my emotions and oftentimes not by logic or constructive thoughts. My self-esteem was very low, – even when I was a child, and therefore I had very negative selfdestructive thoughts about my self. I always believed my thoughts as the truth. I said a lot of devaluating words to my self, – like “I’m not good enough”, – “I’m not thin enough” – and “Only when I become perfect will I deserve to be accepted and respected or receive love”. That was a huge pressure to cope with, so I always wanted to be perfect and tried to live up to this standard. And because I am only human I failed again and again and I would start the self-punishing thoughts over and over.

When I went to therapy – cognitive behavioural therapy, I discovered my inner processes and recognized that my thoughts always triggered my anxiety. By using the worksheets, I could see the pattern and began to believe that there are other ways for me to see the world- and think about my self as human being – good enough even though I fail. This strengthens me, and my self-esteem is getting more stabil and realistic.

You can influence your thoughts with anxiety workheets

There are many ways of coping with anxiety, – one of them is by influencing your way of thinking by showing yourself alternative ways of thinking or possibilities. The more you practise, the more you get the idea of “- Okay maybe it isnt a fearful situation, maybe it is only my thoughts making my body create the anxiety”. The more you practise, the more your brain will understand the good news and let go of old memories and traumas. Good luck – and do your homework. It will all be worth the struggle when you start feeling better!

Lise Kryger



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