Anxiety symptoms

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How do I know that the feeling in my body is anxiety?Anxiety symptoms

Is it anxiety symptoms if I’m shy?

The shy feeling feels like I’m constrained. I get shy when I feel exposed and looked at areas in my life where I feel there should have been closed shutters. I can feel shy if I should expose myself to emotional exposure that comes behind me. Shyness is a way that my feelings takes care of myself. Shyness feels strained and embarrassing. My body responds,  I crumb my toes, buckles in muscles and blush. My neck cramps and I lose voice due to tension in the neck.

Am I not good enough? – my thoughts concernsabout. My thoughts tells me that I am being silly, and why can’t I just be a little more tough and cool? A kind of ashamed for being who I am. But I continue and go through actions and situations while I hide myself.

Being anxious is not the same as being shy. But social anxiety can be mistaken for extreme shyness, because the symptoms are very similar. Social anxiety disorder is when I feel an extreme urge to either flee, fight or “play dead” when dealing with others. As shy I was not afraid to be with others, but I was not comfortable with the situation and often felt discomfort. Social anxiety caused me to avoid situations that simply “reminded” me that I was in when I felt fear. Hence social phobia – social avoidance.

Kæmper du med angst og taler du dansk? (do you speak danish?)

Written by Lise Kryger. Posted in Blog

Hvis du vil læse om angst og er kommet ind på denne side og er dansktalende så vil jeg anbefale dig at gå ind på hjemmesiden som er Voice of Anxiety blot i dansk udgave.

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Well not all from my hand is in english, so if you want to read more and follow me in an danish language you can follow me here:

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