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Lise KrygerVoice of Anxiety is a blog about anxiety for all who need to read, learn and share experiences about anxiety. The purpose of Voice of Anxiety is to create a place where it is allowed for anyone to talk openly about and discuss anxiety at exactly the level you are at right now. The blog is for everyone regardless of whether one is anxious, relatives of people who have anxiety or interested in knowing more about the subject.

My name is Lise Kryger, born in 1972 and raised in Aarhus, Denmark. Educated as a graphic designer in 2005, then independent in 2007.

As a 15 year old I got my first anxiety attack, and although I recognized the feeling was this experience another and are quite clear in my memory. Back then in the mid 80´s there was not much knowledge of social anxiety and social phobia, and I had no computer or internet that could give me answers to why I felt that way. So I thought that everyone probably felt the same way, I was just extremely bad at hiding it. I got better and better at hiding the anxiety and the more I hid it the worse it felt like.

I thought there was something wrong with me. I did not understand why I could not relax and enjoy the youth like those I knew, and I did not understand they could enjoy life when I felt so bad inside myself. I tried to live my life as I was expecting a normal life should be lived. This meant that I threw myself into situations that I really could not cope. The anxiety was not accepted nor recognized.

It took many years before I began to open up and tell how I felt. In 2002 I started at Jysk Phobia School and began to learn about what it means to have anxiety and being phobic. I began to understand why it came and why I experienced it. I learned about cognitive therapy, and to process my thoughts and my fundamental beliefs to myself.

I have always felt that it was difficult to talk to others about it having anxiety. Maybe there wasn’t anyone in my circles who knew about it, or maybe there were. Maybe they did not recognize the anxiety and talked out loud about it. The Internet became the place where I searched for answers, and read about others’ experiences, which helped me a lot.

Therefore Slipangsten.dk was founded. This is an independent website where people can meet, talk and participate with their thoughts and experiences and not feel that they are alone with it. This is a place where people with anxiety can feel safe and tell how life really is. Slipangsten.dk was one of the first danish homepages that tried to speak open-minded about the anxiety taboo.

In 2012, Voice of Anxiety was created, and I hope, with this blog, I can go far out to you who live somewhere around the world and that we together, of a global view can remove the taboo of anxiety completely

I am not educated in psychology and therefore you need to consult a doctor or a psychologist if you are feeling anxious or need to get professionel help. What I do is just submitting my experience and my knowledge but this can’t stand alone – you need professionel help.

I am Danish and I do sometimes linguistic and grammatical errors. I ask you to forgive me and you are always welcome to contact me if you want to correct my English or my professional content voiceofanxiety@gmail.com

Lise Kryger

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